Who We Are

Our goal at Laken, Kramer, Cafiso & Pearson is to create a professional, friendly environment that fulfills the various goals and directives communicated by our clients.

We work closely with your trusted advisors – including accountants, attorneys and trust officers providing a team approach to planning. Our specialists act as the liaisons and expediters in helping the business owner, the professional and the entrepreneur move forward in accomplishing their goals in the areas of business continuation, wealth transfer as well as the creation of custom retirement strategies.

At Laken, Kramer, Cafiso & Pearson we not only help pinpoint specific problems, areas of weakness and potential exposure, but identify alternative methods to manage these areas. We analyze the inherent costs and benefits associated with plan design and implementation.

With more than 80 years of combined experience spanning the kitchen table to the boardroom, New York to California, we are confident that the services we provide will satisfy you and your associates’ needs.

We help you reach your goals by blueprinting, constructing and maintaining. We help orchestrate, communicate and deliver your plan by building a strong foundation in our every change world.